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The privacy of our customers is our greatest concern, and therefore we do the most for it when preparing the order. To make our customers security, we introduced our privacy policy. While you are ordering beware of the details below:

A most crucial aspect of our privacy policy is to ensure the security and safety of our customer. This helps us in providing effective and safe services. Initially, the customer’s personal details such as name, institute, address, and country are collected, which helps us to deliver customized help as per the prevailing standards in the respective country. The collected information is safe from the access of third party interference to sustain confidentiality. The steps taken to guard the details of the customer are as follows;

  • We provide an order ID number through which they can be known and can be differentiated from other clients. We make the information secure from our writers and make sure to maintain the details with high security.
  • We do not compromise on the security of our customer's personal details; therefore, our service uses authentic security software for the protection of our customer’s confidential info.
  • Online transfer is the only payment method for our service. To make sure of the security of payments and guard the info from being revealed, we use the online payment method using the other party as they use SSL technology.

We advance our policy frequently to make sure you have an easy and secure experience. To ensure a peaceful experience, we use the software while keeping it safe and secure. Not only this, but we also offer 24/7 connectivity to our clients to answer their every query and concern.

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