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Your order can be called off any time around the day, which means within 24 hours. Other than this, you can also substitute it with another writing task of the mutual amount so that the payment will be refunded entirely. However, the fact that if the writer has started your assignment, then the amount cannot be refunded because the writer would have done the research work and study and it won't be possible for us to compensate that.

Make sure to inform our team regarding such issues of double payments and additional charges. The payment receipt or the receipt of the excessive charge should be provided (i.e., of the payment facilities such as the PayPal, online transfer by bank or the western union) via email. As soon as we get the verification we will make sure for the complete refund.

Our first priority is to deliver the order on schedule, but due to uncertain circumstances, we may not be able to deliver the order on time; therefore, we will refund the entire amount. The only requirements are that the task won’t be used by the customer. Such as the amount will not be refunded if the customer is using the task.

Initially, we make sure that the order placed should be delivered on schedule. If in case any changes are made, or a problem experienced, you can easily share and contact us through our 24/7 customer care service for any further details to revamp the work accordingly. In case the service gives no response in a couple of days then there will be a complete refund of the payment by us.

If our assignment didn't makeup to your goal marks and expectations, you could not ask for any payment refund. It is because our focus is to deliver the ideal writing assignment, but the results depend on the overall performance of the students. In case you found it up to the mark on the initial delivery and contradict your statement after marking, then no refund will be made.

We present the most authentic assignment and writing orders, but if you didn't pass or fail that particular task than we will make sure to refund the payment totally after the evidence.

Please Note

If your application is approved, we request the clients to be patient because the refund procedure needs at least 48 hours to complete. We will be unable to accelerate and reply to the refund claims after 30 days.

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